Quality guaranteed thanks to the C.I.T.I. cooperative.

The cooperative C.I.T.I. has more than 50 members throughout Switzerland. These members guarantee the quality of their renting facilities and their associated services.

Founded in June 2003, from an initiative of real estate professionals, C.I.T.I is an IT, tourism and real estate cooperative. It's members are companies active in this sector. The Cooperative responds to concrete needs of the tourism sector. It's aim is to provide it's members with specific IT services. These services include the management of vacation accommodation and the networking of agencies through rentalp.com, our direct booking system.

Every year, over 100,000 customers rely on C.I.T.I members for their vacation. rentalp.com offers more than 5,000 vacation homes in the Alps. Most of these accommodations are classified according the Swiss Tourism standard, which guarantees you the best quality.

Each of our members is of course present in the resort of your choice and will be delighted to welcome and take care of you during your stay. There will be your contact to answer to all of your questions and needs.

Thank you for choosing C.I.T.I through our rentalp.com platform.