Novagence Anzère SA

Novagence positions itself as the real estate agency which provides an extensive range of services beyond a regular real estate agency to a wide range of customers. With our property portfolio ranging from 1 to 4 stars, Novagence looks to attract and help visitors, owners and friends experience the beautiful village of Anzère. Located in the popular ski resort of Anzère in the canton of Valais in the Swiss Alps, Novagence is the biggest real estate agency in Anzère. When Anzère became popular, it was a destination frequented by wealthy families from Germany, France and Britain who drove primary demand to rent apartments during the winter season. With this trend flourishing, more and more tourists were buying their apartments in Anzère which led to Novagence getting involved in the selling of apartments. Up until more recently, a trend in local/regional tourists renting chalets has forced Novagence to shift focus to more regional market targeting. Novagence’s core service and main value towards their customers today lies in their expertise to build, buy, sell, rent, co-own and manage apartments as well as providing domiciliation services for foreigners interested in residing in Anzère. In constantly evolving their service, Novagence is providing a more complete service to their clients than regular real estate agencies.

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